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Private Investigator Argentina
Argentina is one of the most advanced countries in Latin America with regard to both culture and the economy. Argentina has roots for many individuals within its population from Europe and in particular Italy. In fact, Argentina is one of the most lively supporters of their sports teams, especially soccer, in the world. 
The rules of engagement for private investigators in Argentina are very strict and only certain investigative efforts can take place in the country due to their legal system.
Types of Investigations and our most recent investigations and clients Argentina Private Investigation cases are listed below: 
Buenos Aires, Argentina Private  Investigation for U.S. corporation----Due diligence investigation regarding a corporate entity in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Neuquen, Argentina Private Investigation for large oil company in the United States----Background investigation regarding investors in a corporate entity in the United States whose origin is from Neuquen, Argentina.
Buenos Aires, Argentina Private Investigation for individual in United States-----Infidelity investigation in Buenos Aires province regarding the husband of our client who has been married 15 years
Buenos Aires, Argentina Private Investigation for Insurance company client------Death investigation regarding the cause of death of an individual from New York City who was living in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Mendoza, Argentina Private Investigation for Insurance company client-------Alive and well Insurance investigation with regard to the widow of an insured person. 

Buenos Aires, Argentina Private Investigation for law firm in the United States ----Searching for witness in personal injury accident case in California.

Private Investigator Argentina