The Latin America Group, Inc.

About Us

Our Private Investigators are retired FBI Special 
Agents and Colombian National Police, Dominican National Police as well as officials from other law enforcement agencies in Latin America.
The Latin America Group, Inc., a licensed private investigation firm, is located in Miami, Florida, with offices in Bogota, Colombia, San Juan,  Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Panama City, Panama, Santiago, Chile and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The phone numbers for the main office are (800)414-8008 and (305)725-5583. The President and CEO of The Latin America Group, Inc. is a former state prosecutor and is also a retired Special Agent of the FBI having served in the Bureau for 25 years. Twenty years of his career were spent in Central/South America and the Caribbean investigating a variety of matters. As a U.S. Embassy FBI Attache he investigated numerous kidnappings, major thefts, terrorism cases, fugitives, insurance/financial fraud, drug cases, as well as white-collar and computer crimes. Our General Manager, Alan Irvine, is a retired Police Commander with 33 years of experience with a large metropolitan police department in the U.S.  Our CEO, General Manager and their associates have spent an additional fifteen years in Latin America and the Caribbean conducting consulting inquiries and private investigation for law firms, both large and small corporations as well as financial investment firms. 


Private Investigators Colombia

All of our associates have foreign investigative experience and are familiar with U.S. and foreign government policies and practices overseas.


Private Investigators in Caracas, Venezuela

Our firm has associates throughout Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean, who cooperate with us on a confidential basis. Many of our associates are retired Special Agents of the FBI, DEA, Secret Service. We also utilize the services of former U.S. Military and retired CIA case officers formerly assigned to Latin America or the Caribbean. Many of our associates are foreign police executives, graduates of the FBI National Academy, as well as members of the American Society for Industrial Security International. Our associates are professional, ethical and understand the importance of objective reporting and compulsory deadlines. Our goal is to provide professional and responsible consulting and reporting for the client.


Private Investigators in Panama City, Panama

Our combined 100 years of experience by retired FBI, DEA and other law enforcement officials as well as former CIA case officers coupled with our understanding of U.S. Embassy operations abroad and foreign countries make our firm unique.  It is estimated that at least 90% of foreign based private investigation firms and 50% of domestic based private investigators have no experience in investigations.  Even fewer "investigators" have any foreign experience.  Anyone can set-up a website and claim to be an investigator.  Ask us about our knowledge and experience especially in the area of foreign operations.  We have the credentials you need when important legal, corporate or individual issues need to be addressed professionally.