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Investigations in Latin America and the Caribbean are totally different than they are in the United States. Panama is a unique country and each jurisdiction in the Caribbean and throughout Latin America are totally different than Canada, Europe or, as mentioned before, the United States. Panama has special problems which are familiar to our investigators who work there. In Latin America, for example, in most instances, including Panama, there are no public records to speak of except minimal corporate organization documentation which in most cases is totally incomplete. Civil registries throughout Latin America and the Caribbean provide only a minimal amount of information which is required to conduct background investigations and due diligence inquiries. Our firm uses trusted and proven law enforcement associates with whom we have a personal relationship. We are able to obtain specific information about individuals and corporations such as criminal court records, law enforcement investigative information, civil lawsuit records, family law court proceedings as well as complete corporate identifying factors such as the true beneficial owners of companies and reputation in Panama as well as throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

Many firms on the Internet advertise that they conduct investigations in Panama, but most of them have no experience in the country of Panama or anywhere in the region. Our investigators are retired FBI or DEA Special Agents or high level local police officials who have been vetted. We have the experience in Panama that no other firms possess. Many companies advertise that they conduct investigations throughout the world but simply use subcontractors to conduct the work for them. In many instances, they have never even personally meet the people that are conducting the investigation for you, the client. We have offices throughout Latin America and the Caribbean with personnel that have the foreign experience you can trust and rely upon. No other firm in Latin America or the Caribbean can match our professional experience nor can they produce the positive reliable results which our firm provides to our clients on a daily basis and have continually done so for a period of over 12 years.

The management personnel of our company have actually been assigned to Panama and other countries throughout Latin America and the Caribbean as U.S. Government FBI and DEA attaches at U.S, Embassies throughout the region. Our firm has the credentials you need and can trust to provide you as one of our clients with trustworthy information and accurate data whether it is the case of a corporate due diligence, litigation support matter of record retrieval or infidelity investigation. We have conducted in investigations in Panama for numerous major law firms throughout the United States and Europe, Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, large insurance carriers and individuals involved in personal sensitive inquiries. When a client is interested in utilizing the services of a private investigation firm abroad an important prerequisite should be to check the professional experience and credentials of the company involved in the inquiry. If a company who has simply set up a website on the Internet provides the client with inaccurate or incomplete information, the client may never know and the results could be devastating especially in legal cases or corporate entity inquiries in Panama where corruption is often an issue and fraudsters operate freely in many instances.

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In many cases, for example, in Latin America and the Caribbean, criminal court records don't accurately reflect investigative information we are able to obtain through our law-enforcement contacts in country. Once again, one must remember that Panama and the rest of Latin America and the Caribbean are totally different than the United States, Canada, and Europe where criminal records or civil lawsuit records are accurate and clearly defined. In many instances, in Latin America and the Caribbean, records have been removed or somehow altered. Without having important business and law-enforcement contacts in country a client would never know the truth about an individual, a company or government record. Our business associates in Panama and throughout the region are familiar with corporate entities and their owners or directors. We provide information regarding the reputation of businesses and their owners in Panama as well as throughout the rest of Latin America and the Caribbean due to our reliable business community sources.

The Latin America group, Inc. does not claim to conduct investigations throughout the world like most of the Internet firms whose management consists of website developers and many young entrepreneurs that have no professional credible international experience. We are specialists in the area of Latin America and the Caribbean and you can rely as a client on the results you will obtain from our firm because we have the experience, credentials, clientele and results to prove it. If you decide to conduct an investigation in Panama give us the opportunity to prove our effectiveness and reliability. The positive results we provide to our clients have never been disputed by our clients who are guaranteed accurate and complete information no matter what type of investigation we undertake. Please remember that our firm specializes in the area of Latin America and the Caribbean. We know the regions so why take a chance with some Internet company who has no foreign experience but simply rely on foreign unknown vendors who are not bound by any legal or ethical obligations. Panama, like most countries throughout Latin America and the Caribbean has special rules and regulations, certain recordkeeping methods and may even be totally different than other Latin America countries. We have worked cases in every country in Latin America and the Caribbean so we understand the differences and rules of the game and every unique location. We are the largest investigative firm in Latin America and the Caribbean.