The Latin America Group, Inc.

Our Clients


  • Law Firms
  • Insurance Companies
  • Large Corporations
  • Small Businesses
  • Hedge Fund Managers
  • Investment Firms
  • Select Individual Clients


Private Investigators in El Salvador

Attorneys seek our services in the following areas:

Asset identification, international service of process, missing heirs, expert witness testimony, witness location, obtain signed statements, criminal and civil litigation record checks, divorce adversarial proceedings, accident investigations, bankruptcy proceedings, probate matters, child custody issues, criminal defense support.

Corporations use our services as follows:

Conduct pre-employment background investigations, due diligence on other corporate entities and their principals, business competition intelligence, investigate fraud schemes, kick-back schemes, forensic accounting analysis, trademark and brand name infringement, copyright violations, computer forensic anaysis and recovery of information, Corrupt Foreign Practices Act and anti-money laundering training, manager internal fraud schemes, crisis management plans, terrorist threat analysis.  

Insurance Companies seek our services as follows:

Workers compensation alive and well investigations, physical surveillances of insured claimants suspected of false claims, verify death of insured, investigate fraudulent insured claims, locate heirs of insurance policies, determine local laws regarding insurance fraud in foreign countries.

Financial Investment Firms use our services to:

Determine experience or criminal records of business entities and principals, verify financial stability of foreign firms, check civil litigation records of corporate entities, locate investors in foreign countries, determine location of real estate and bank assets of questionable firms.